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The Publisher of a “Hitman Manual” Was Once Sued for Aiding & Abetting Murder

In 1999, an insurance company paid out a multi-million dollar settlement to family members of the victims in a triple murder case that had occurred seven years earlier. The company represented Paladin Press, a controversial book publisher. Paladin, which specializes in action how-to manuals and supposedly forbidden knowledge, had published a book called “Hit Man: […]

During the 1990s, the Clintons Were a Constant Target of Conservative Hoaxes

It’s not unusual for politicians to bend the truth when making accusations about opposing candidates’ records, but what some conservatives accused Bill Clinton of doing during his term in office was far beyond the norm. Although it’s now largely forgotten, a myriad of dubious allegations faced Clinton during the 1990s, including allegations that he was […]

Republican Leader Dick Armey Was Caught Referring to a Congressman as a “Fag”

The Republican Party has never had a rosy relationship with gays and lesbians, and this incident probably didn’t help much. It was January 1995, and Republicans had swept into power a few months beforehand. The new House Majority Leader was Dick Armey, a conservative Republican. Armey, who had been elected from Texas (where a string […]