I get (hate)mail

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For the first time in a long time, I got two emails from readers. One was a very encouraging email from a reader who wanted me to begin posting on this blog again (and I very well might, after a long period of dormancy). The second email was, well, this:

EJ (gofuckyourself@gmail.com) wrote: Buddy, is it coincidental that all of your “lost history lessons” have to do with the republican/ conservative party and their “foul ups”? I’d love to see just one ounce of information that displays the notion that democrats over the years have been less than ethical.

For example: How about NJ Governor McGreevy was the first male governor (aka, Gay-American..never knew queers chose nationalities but OK) to suck cock in his office? And gee, where WAS Obama born…what’s that?…no “Birth Certificate”? Riiiiight. And don’t forget about Teddy Kennedy and his family of very well-connected folks.

Go eat a vegan burger and chase it with a shot of wheatgrass you poor excuse for an informative individual.

I’ll leave you with what you want to hear: democrats ARE the chosen ones. By who? I can’t say…you don’t believe in religion. FUCK YOU.

I’m still laughing about the wheatgrass thing.

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5 comments on “I get (hate)mail”

  1. Ezra says:

    haha oh man
    what a sucker
    the “shot of wheatgrass” line is from the movie “grandma’s boy”
    it’s pretty funny
    anyway, keep up the blog! i love reading what you have to say

  2. Bob says:

    If people weren’t so passionate and angry and more level and open minded, a lot more would get done. Also, this is a blog, where opinions are expressed. One more: “whom” not “who”.

  3. Tom in Portsmouth, NH says:

    Interesting that the first “example” he gives has to do with gay sex. Republicans are obsessed with that subject! What does that tell you? Repressed!

  4. jeff walker says:

    i like how he says something about where obama was born, because wasnt that recent news when this was posted? this websites called the forgotten history blog, not todays news. what an asshole. im not sure if you still run this site (this apparetley is almost two years old) but its pretty interesting.

  5. S says:

    Those letter writers are ridiculous. All you’re doing is putting the truth out there. They need to get lives.

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